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Faiz Foundation Trust

The Faiz Foundation Trust was created in 2009 to honour a humanistic vision for society. Since then the foundation has worked towards an establishment of revolutionary ideas of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The ideas embody the struggle for social justice through the arts.

Like an oasis in a desert of starved expressions, the Foundation has to its credit a long list of achievements that have now become institutionalized in the country’s cultural landscape, including –


  • Readings of his soul stirring letters to his wife AlysFaiz

  • Book launches by revered authors, biographers and artists

  • Release of music albums by leading and upcoming singers alike

  • Theatre of the subcontinent played by creative performance artists from across the border

  • Peace melas for the general public celebrating the spirit of sufi thought which is a legacy of the Indus

  • Dance performances by young students doing a rendition of his masterful poetry

In addition to this, what makes the Faiz Foundation a living entity is it’s the house of Faiz, Faiz Ghar.

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