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Faiz Festival - An Overview

Since 2015 Faiz Foundation Trust (FFT) has been hosting the Faiz International Festival (FIF) every year at the Alhamra Art Centre. The festival is designed to promote and propagate the appreciation for literature, music, dance, political conversation, reading along with cultural pluralism. The Festival also spreads an increased understanding of Pakistan’s history and politics in audiences of all age groups and socio-economic classes, through exposure to local, regional and international cultural events, publications, exhibitions and discussion forums. Activities include talks, panel discussions, book launches, tributes, performances (music, dance, theatre, poetry recitation, and story-telling), and activities for children (art, story-telling, music, theatre, puppetry, etc.). Writers, musicians, actors, film makers, politicians, poets, all come together from deferent parts of the globe to share their work and experience to celebrate one of the greatest poets of the Urdu language.


The Faiz Festival is widely known for its content and exceptional and efficient management. The innovative programme and efficient management has resulted in a steady growth in participation, with an estimated 30,000 people from all provinces of Pakistan and other countries attending the 2022 festival, and an estimated social media viewership of millions across the globe.














Highlights of Faiz Festival



Musical Performance



evenings at the festival enthrall the audience

by singing the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Another significant feature of the festival is constant playing of Faiz’s poetry on speakers, the audience at the entire venue

have the chance to enjoy Ghazals sung by singers.

Music is a tool which binds people together and provide a sense of comfort and social connection. The purpose of musical performances at Faiz Festival is to pay tribute to late iconic singers. Musical


Theatre Performances


Theatre has a huge impact on society. It gives audience the chance to learn more about humanity through emotions, actions, comedy, and the story being told on the stage. Every year, the audience of the festival enjoys the great and impactful performances of different theatre groups which gives the audience lifelong memories.






Dance Performances

Dance has been used to express one’s emotions and feelings without talking. It is a visual art form which communicates its messages through dance performances. Live dance performances at the Festival induce passionate effects on viewers. Dance performances shows one’s journey, struggle and final journey to the eternity. Mesmerizing and definite dramatic touch of Classical and kathak dance performances spellbound the audience.





Dramatic readings


Dramatic reading sessions aims to highlight the ‘meaning making’ of the texts. The literary audience of Faiz festival gets a chance to enjoy the script in dramatic voices in reading circles. Dramatic readings enable the listeners to paint a picture using their own thoughts about the story. It creates an atmosphere or plot in their minds. Dramatic readings convey an information and develops critical thinking. The dramatization of the dialogues creates meaning and culminate in the visualization of ideas.




Book launches

Book launch sessions at Faiz festival help the artistic audience to get books of different genres under one spot. It satisfies the literary cravings of the young and old people. The book launch event at the festival provides opulent literature.







Book Stalls

Book stalls at the festival fascinate the book readers to buy good books of their choices. It enhances the trend of book reading in youth and the people of old age. Book stalls promote reading habits among the people. At present, due to the influence of social media, people could not show much interest in reading the books, magazines and

journals. Book stalls of the festival aims to attract the readers to revitalize book reading habit and creates a literary society.


Mushaira & Panel Discussion


Mushaira which is also called a Mehfil. In this event poets gather to perform their works. It is regarded as a forum for self-expression. The aim is to keep alive the tradition of poetic dialogue between poets and their audience and also contribute to the efforts of taking Urdu to a wider cross-section.

The panel discussion includes leading poets of Pakistan and special guests from across the border to join the session. Panel discussions at the festival held to discuss the impacts of art, culture, literature and politics in thesociety.


















Kids’ Activities


Multiple kids’ activities are designed to engage them in productive learning environment i.e. coloring, drawing, and painting. These activities help kids to improve their fine motor skills. They also train their brain to focus. The Purpose of these activities for kids at the festival provides an opportunity to enhance and develop their imagination and visual perception. These activities also refine their skills such as coordination, color recognition, planning skills and cognitive development.





Book Reading Activity

Book reading activity engage children and provides them a window to the new world. It gives them the opportunity to learn new ideas and information. Kitab Gari, parked in a corner at the festival venue for children. Little ones can search books from the mobile library as it attracts them to read their favorite books. Reading books helps them to

enhance their strong imagination and creative thinking.















Outdoors Atmosphere

The atmosphere outdoors is that of a festivity. Drums, songs, dance, food and a tremendous sense of celebration and camaraderie is quite unique to the Faiz Festival.

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